Bunyip cat, the author

Four legs good

27 November
The lj of Bunyip. Because everybody loves her.

Actually, this concept was stolen wholesale from ripley_the_cat, and there's nothing like the original.

Bunyip is about 12 these days (don't tell the lj staff that she is under 13! I'm counting in cat years to meet the TOS). She is well loved, but has lived something of an accident prone life - she was hit by a car several years ago and had to have her tail removed, and earlier this year she had to have her nose romoved due to cancer. These days she lives with her owner, who will occasionally translate her demands to others.
chewing, commanding humans, demanding, devouring orcus, food, foot-water, glaring, infinite cat project, inside, napping, outside, pooping, purring, ripley the cat, sitting on important documents, sleep, sucking on mouse heads